Thursday, February 14, 2008


I guess I better say something about ACOGs latest statement about stupid women, reckless birthing choices and selfish couples who want to put a gauzy, romantic ideal birth ahead of their baby's very life and safety, but I would rather not. Rixa said it better, and I'll let you read what she had to say. I agree with her.

There was also a recent post by a paid online lobbyist for ACOG who used to be a doctor a long time ago and now spends all her bored rich housewife time spitting her vitriol and insanity against homebirth that states that CPMs have a low cesarean rate because they "let babies die from preventable causes". But I'm not going to link to her because I don't think it's wise to feed the troll.

I have another post I'm working on regarding some local political issues, but I've had some personal things going on too.


CNH said...


Troll! I haven't seen her called that but it sure does fit. She's paid by ACOG? I didn't know that. Explains a lot.

One Hot Mama said...

Well, I don't know if she's paid BY ACOG, but she is paid to write her blog and she lobbies for ACOG.