Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Holy Cow!

So, Superdoula (who had twins at home in April of '06) just called me on her way home from her ultrasound (she's due in Sep.). Twins. Again.

That is the sound of my jaw hitting the floor, closely followed by a squeal of excitement! There is something so interesting, fascinating, cool and fun about twins. But then, I don't have to raise them. Haha.

FaeryLady's response? "I'm game." Woot. So this will be my second set of twins. It is so fun to see those two babies, to feel the belly and feel two little bodies in there. Not as much fun for the mom, of course, but it's fun for me!

What a thrilling journey this will be for us.


Nicole Ryan said...

I am soo excited for her.. can't wait to photograph those precious babes!

CNH said...

I didn't know you knew H! What a small little world this is, isn't it? I 'met' her on AOL boards in 2005. Then I read this morning's announcement on MDC's M.O.M.S. board. I am SO excited for her (expecting a set myself, at home, in May).

Emily said...

What a great response from FL! Guess the last surprise twins has her excited for more! Hope you get to make it to this one! And twins count for double, right?? :) haha

I put the breastfeeding fairy fuzzy cover on Clementine the other day, and told James what the picture was, and he said "It's the Dairy Fairy!" :) Just like my shirt. I got a kick out of that one. I'm going to post a pic of it whenever Erik is done playing Halo... :)