Sunday, February 11, 2007

Acid Reign

I have had few discomforts this pregnancy. I've mentioned that several times. However, the acid reflux might just be the death of me.

It's not heartburn. I don't get epigastric or upper chest pain like I did with Atticus. It's burping up of stomach acid, and sometimes partially digested food. No less than three times during the night I woke to a throat/mouthful of stomach acid. Once I was on my side and it went on my pillow. Ick!

I have noticed that certain foods will trigger it -- chocolate, sugar, anything with flavor....

But I have yet to find anything that works. Some nights/days it doesn't happen and I haven't figured out why yet. FaeryLady suggested trying smaller meals, but since my "serving sizes" are already way less than what is usually listed on labels before I'm full, that can't be an answer.

I've tried: raw almonds, RRL tea, dry bread, papaya enzyme, not eating after a certain hour, eating more frequently, avoiding offending foods, drinking water with lemon, drinking milk, cal/mag supplements, etc.

No luck. The papaya helps sometimes. The raw almonds help sometimes. Sometimes I just have acid in the back of my throat all the time.

Any ideas?


Tiffany said...

What helped me was an apple. A raw apple.

I feel your pain...ICK.

Holly said...

completely anecdotal - I've heard that chlorophyll can help counteract the relaxin that causes the flap (help me with the word here) between stomach and esophagus to weaken. This was a suggestion for hyperemesis, with the teller swearing up and down that it worked, but I bet it's worth a shot. And chlorophyll in liquid form from the health food store's pretty cheap considering.