Friday, February 09, 2007


Each step of the way, windows and doors have been thrown open for my midwifery.

I now have two clients for August, four couples signed up for my APRIL childbirth class, and have had to turn away a mom in August. Until my baby is older, I will be restricting myself to two births/month.

I finished crocheting the baby's hat. It's not perfect, but I made it. I ripped out the stitches and started over no less than 5 times because I was unhappy with the size. I am now crocheting my first wool diaper cover and have indulged my cloth diaper obsession/addiction more than is healthy for our budget lately. And my doula is an enabler. She send me emails and links to people selling diapers. Ack. I bought six all-in-ones from Nana's bottoms and also bought Violet 4 matching ones for her dolls. She is such a little mommy. These dipes are so amazing! Waterproof cover, thick soaker, and a soft, soft suedecloth liner. Not your grandma's cloth!

And speaking of windows, my sanity has flow directly out one. My moods are all over the board, with at least one good cry a day and at least one head ripping of someone near and dear to me. I am usually a very independent person who values her solitude and personal space. Suddenly I've become whiny and needy. I get upset during the day because PreacherMan doesn't answer when I call him at work, my doula has a life of her own and I don't want to pester her, but I have no one to just call and talk to. I feel an almost constant need to "reach out and touch someone". Not like me.

I can't drive to any location in my city without missing a turn, taking a wrong exit or pulling into the wrong driveway. I couldn't remember my daughter's birth year when we went to the doctor the other day.

I have lots of women come to me and see lots of pregnant moms at the end of their pregnancies. I don't hear many of them complain about this sort of thing.... but it has to be normal, right? I've written papers about the emotional changes of each stage of pregnancy, so how come I thought it wouldn't happen to me?

I got the invitations to my blessingway. My birth doula and my postpartum doula got together to make these. They are so beautiful and so perfect. Just look at these!

My blessingway is a week from Saturday. How wonderful will that be?

And one bit of good news, the baby was LOA for at least 7 hours today. Shhh..... don't tell her I noticed! LOL

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