Friday, February 16, 2007

Diaper Day

Wednesday I got together with my doula to sew some diaper covers and cloth wipes for the baby. We cut out three covers and a dozen wipes. The wipes are organic velour (heavenly soft) on one side and hemp sherpa on the other. Awesome!

Saturday is my home visit, two initial prenatals (the August moms) and my blessingway. It'll be a busy day!

On a baby note, I told the chiro that I really felt the baby was trying to turn LOA but just couldn't for some reason. I asked him to check for pelvic constriction, which he did find and released. Yesterday afternoon, she turned again to LOA. By late evening, she was back on the right side, but 20 minutes of hands and knees got her back LOA.

It is always empowering to have the knowledge of my body and what a relief to have such a simple solution as seeing the chiro! I think the chiro has also helped some of the acid reflux. It's not been as bad lately. I did go and buy some apples and some apple cider vinegar that I am using every day.

Now to overcome my greatest fear for this birth -- pushing the head out. I simply do not want to tear. I hate pushing the head out. As a child I had labial adhesions, which means that I just don't stretch much at "the top" although I have never torn there, I just hate the feeling of the head coming through.

I told PreacherMan that I don't want to push. I guess I'll have to just wait for my body to take over and then try and control it, but man, I DON'T WANT TO PUSH! too late to think about that huh?

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Leigh said...

Hmmm, I don't know what to say about the pushing. You can try and breathe that sweet baby out, as you mentioned. That would be lovely! But the time may come where you must trust every fiber of your being and go with whatever your body is telling you. And truth be told (and you are wise enough to know) that everything will be just fine. :) I believe in you. Totally.