Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Surreal Life Part 2

Well, my doula was reading my blog and has such a huge heart, she is going to give me a blessingway. Isn't that lovely? She really has done so much for me already.

I purchased some very soft yarn to crochet the baby a hat and booties. That is my next project. I also went a little crazy on Ebay buying diapers and now have more than needed as well as leaving only $100 in our bank account. YIKES! As a result, PreacherMan was up at 2:30 this morning sitting in the office staring at the budget. I couldn't sleep because he couldn't sleep, so we sat up together wondering what on earth we were going to do to make it to the 31st when he gets paid again.

Then there is that pesky Visa bill to contend with also.

I am trying to sell a few things and I have two gemstone nursing necklaces and a pumpmate double pumping kit for sale on ebay (as well as a boatload of gamecube games). Go and see if you want to buy them! Hehe.

Still. It doesn't feel real. Not that I will have a baby. A baby! A little flour sack against my shoulder, that milky-sweet breath in my face.... ah... a baby.... Nope. Doesn't seem real at all.


Leigh said...

I say good for you for going with you instincts in things you feel you need for baby and to feel good about coming into your "space". The money? It will come, it will come. That abundance is all around you...
YAY for your doula giving you a blessingway! You totally deserve it. Please be sure and blog a little bit about it...
XOXO to you and your family and precious tiny one...

Lowa said...


I want another one!!! *sniff*

I actually want to give birth again, it is such a high, isn't it??

And nursing?? Don't even get me started. I miss that SO MUCH.

doulicia said...

I'm glad you'll get a blessingway.

As for "supplies," what about Craig's List? Our neighbors (PreacherPeople both) had twins and scored cribs, a stroller, etc. from Craig's list....or maybe Freecycle.

Anyway, I wish I had things to pass along. I'm four years away from my son's birth and have handed off all the flotsam.