Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Cutest Thing!

The diapers have started to arrive. I decided, on my doula's recommendation, to go with Kissaluvs size 0 diapers for my newborn. Of course, I bought mine used off ebay, so I saved quite a bit of money over buying them new. They have a snap down front for the umbilical cord. So cute. And very thick and absorbent feeling. I can't wait to put my little tiny baby's bum in these.

Just look at this!

Isn't that precious? You can just imagine a little baby bum inside that fuzzy, thick diaper. I love cloth diapers. I know, that makes me insane or something, but I know there are other cloth diaper junkies out there. It can become a serious addiction -- always looking for the next "diaper high".

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Lowa said...


Have I mentioned how insanely jealous I am???