Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stupid Questions....

PreacherMan went to Target the other day and while he was there, he decided to get me some stockings to wear to church. When I'm pregnant I can't stand regular pantyhose (too tight) or maternity pantyhose (fall down), so I usually wear thigh high stockings which are not affected by my belly.

Now, to set this up, PreacherMan is a pretty big guy. He's 6'1" and about 240 pounds, and has a full beard.

So, he's wandering through the hosiery aisles and finds an employee. He approaches her for help finding what he's looking for. Here's how the conversation went:

PreacherMan: "Excuse me, I'm looking for some thigh high stockings. Could you point me in the right direction?"

Employee (with an exasperated look) "Well, I don't know if we carry those." She turns back to what she's doing. He tried again.

PreacherMan: "You always used to carry them. Where would they be?"

Employee, with great reluctance brings him over to the correct section.

PreacherMan: "I'm not sure about how these sizes work, could you help me?"

Employee, purses her lips, makes a face and says: "How much do you weigh?"

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Sarahthedoula said...

Hilarious! I read the story aloud to my friends at work and we all had a good laugh as we imagined the scene unfolding! :)