Saturday, October 28, 2006

20 Weeks

This picture was actually taken on Wednesday. If you look back at my 13 week pic, you'll see there really hasn't been a whole heck of a lot of change! In some ways, this is good, but in other ways, I worry about growth, especially since I'm just not feeling much movement at all. My fundal height is increasing. But still, I worry. I don't recall ever having a baby that moved this little. There have been two times, once at that three day birth, and once a week later, that I felt pretty consistent movement over many hours. Now, nothing. An
occasional tap or kick. Nothing big. Nothing that says, "Hey! I'm here!" Nothing to keep me reassured and help me to feel like there's really a baby in there. Is that a stupid thing?


Louisa said...

My last baby didn't really move a whole lot 'till we were well past the 20wk mark.
I expect your little one will start wriggling up a storm soon. Don't fret. :)
Cute bump by the way!

Lowa said...

It is not stupid at all. Totally normal, we always worry about everything as mothers.

Maybe this one is just incredibly calm and will be a mellow laid back little angel:)

I am so excited for you. And jealous! My hubby wanted to stop at four (sniff) and I admit I wanted to since my 3rd and 4th were 16 months apart and I was overwhelmed. PLUS I have horrid pregnancies (I puke the entire time, not just morning and not just the first trimester) I have now changed my mind. Hubby and I are having some relationship issues, so it is not a good time, even if he were to agree.

I nursed my third through until 5 months of pregnancy with the fourth and then I just seemed to dry up, which was odd. He was not even a year old when he could not nurse anymore and it killed us both! When she was born a few months later, I tried nursing him also, and he did for a few minutes once, but then giggled and thought it was silly. I kept on trying to encourage him, but he would have none of it. He just cuddled with me as she nursed. I stopped offering it and he seemed fine with that. I find it fascinating though, that now, at seven and a half years old, he is very interested in them. He hits my breasts quite often and squishes up against them and calls them "stupid". My older boys who weaned themselves have never been that way. Isn't that interesting??

Ok, you didn't ask to hear about all that. Whatever. LOL I wanted to say, I LOVE your blog and am fascinated with the midwife thing. I had all of mine in hospital (unfortunately) and would give anything to do it over again properly. I was also induced with all of them. I hated that, so wanted to know what natural labour feels like. I may look into something like what you do, I adore babies and have been told I need to find a career involving that. For now, I will live vicariously through you:)