Monday, October 30, 2006

Hypnobabies Rocks!

So, as I mentioned, PreacherMan and I are working through the Hypnobabies home study course. I always knew that I could make it work, but I am amazed at the progress I've made, and so is PreacherMan.

We did class #3 last night together. In this class you learn to put yourself in hypnosis and then use a "center" switch to remain in hypnosis while your eyes are open. Eventually, you will be able to remain in hypnosis with your eyes open, be able to walk and talk, eat, drink, use the bathroom, etc. All while maintaining your hypnotic anesthesia in the middle part of your body.

I was actually skeptical going into this session because usually in deep relaxation, my extremities feel tingly/numb, but I can still feel the waistband of my pants on my belly.

So, the cd last night said, "When you switch to center, you will feel anesthesia only from just above your breasts to the middle of your thighs, a deep and effective anesthesia, and your arms also will be anesthetized. You will feel only feelings of pleasurable pressure." The moment the cd said that, my legs and head grew warm and I could feel the floor and my pants, but I felt like there was a cool blanket wrapped around me from.... just above my breasts to the middle of my thighs. I felt an actual LINE where it stopped on my thighs. My hands could not feel the armrests of my rocking chair anymore. It was amazing. I was able to open my eyes briefly and maintain the deep relaxation and anesthesia.

PreacherMan was watching me while I did this and he said he was now a firm believer.

I am doing my daily practice. It does take daily practice. Every day I do one 30-40 minute script and every night before bed I listen to my pregnancy affirmations. Several times a day I practice the brief technique of putting myself into hypnosis.

I would definitely recommend this program. The only reservation that I have is that it is not as complete as it claims as far as teaching women about interventions. It relies on the woman to do additional research on the pros and cons and from the yahoo group it seems most women don't.

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