Friday, August 04, 2006

Big Wheels Keep on Turnin

We left last Sunday for our family "vacation". Of course this is a trip consisting of driving six children in a van over about 4500 miles and visiting family. I'll need a vacation from this vacation that's for sure. The first day, we drove about 12 hours to Cleveland, OH to visit some friends of ours there. On our way to OH, we passed through Virginia. Now, inVirginia you have to be very careful how you drive. We didn't see anyone actually gunned down from the air, but we were very diligent about remaining under the posted speed limit.

The first day, we drove about 12 hours to Cleveland, OH to visit some friends of ours there. Monday morning our family and our friends drove one more hour to Sandusky, OH to the Kalahari Waterpark Resort where we had an amazing African Queen suite. Two bedrooms, two baths. We spent all of Monday at the waterpark and Monday evening at the other half of the Kalahari which was a Chuck E Cheese style amusement park.

Wednesday morning we left for Cedar Point a big amusement park with roller coasters and rides. It was approximately 150 degrees farenheit and of course I couldn't ride on any coasters or anything. The other mom doesn't like roller coasters, so we took the four little people to Camp Snoopy where some of the rides still were "too big" for the little people. There was much whining, crying and misery about the heat and the lack of fun things to do. The children even complained some too.

Tuesday night we went the rest of the way to Michigan (another 5 hours) to my brother's house, and Wednesday we hung out with my mom and dad and went on the a sunset cruise in their boat. It was Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven, MI where my parents live, so there were lots of huge Coast Guard boats to look at and a carnival down on the boardwalk.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Minnesota (another 12 hours in the car) to visit my hubby's family. Hubby is preaching in their church Sunday morning and then we'll go to their lake house for the rest of the week, then home again, home again. Whew

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DollyMama said...

Hey, now--if you're going through KY let me know. You can come for dinner or bunk here overnight. :)