Sunday, August 13, 2006

Well, THAT was fun.

We are back from our "vacation". I didn't mention before that by the time we left, my 6 year old had been coughing for a week. By the time we were staying at our first hotel, it started to sound pretty darn bad. By three days later, three of the other kids were coughing also. I'm almost convinced it's whooping cough. By one week into our trip, I started to feel tight in my chest and now I'm hacking up a lung right along with the kids. I've never in my life had a cough like this one. My entire body spasms with the effort and all those Kegels are now for naught as I pee my pants with each paroxysm.

All this means that for the last five nights I have had a great deal of difficulty sleeping for more than 10 minutes at a stretch and have had to sleep bolt upright in a chair or the spasms are even worse. I will be going to see my asthma doc tomorrow for antibiotics. As much as I hate them, I can not take a chance of spreading whooping cough to a client or baby.

The family visits were okay. My mom has Lewy Body Dementia and some horrible physical problems from Hepatitis C (contracted 34 years ago from a blood transfusion). She sleeps a lot.

My in-laws visit was okay too. There is usually a big drama about something or other, but this time it was fairly minor. My father in law was very offended when I said I didn't like the taste of their tap water. *rolls eyes*

The in-laws reaction to the news of the baby was underwhelming, to say the least. We had our 3 year old make the announcement. She stood on a chair and said, "I'm going to be a big sister!" Obviously, she is thrilled to death. They, however, got a look like they just took a swig of sour milk and said with fake smiles, "oh." That was it. No further mention was made the entire visit of another baby. No one wished me luck with the birth as we said goodbyes, nothing. It's just not "socially acceptable" to have so many children I guess.

The drive home was horrid with all the kids and myself sounding like a TB ward. I also got somewhat motion sick with a headache and nausea on top of the cough. What a pain! The "morning sickness" if that's what it was, lasted a week or so and is now gone again. What's up with that??

So I guess here is what I'm thinking when people ask their stupid questions and make their stupid comments about me having too many/so many children:

Don't you know what causes this?
A: No! Could you please tell me so I can make it stop?!
B: Yes, and we like it!
C: What are you asking me, exactly? Would you like to know if we use birth control?

Are they ALL yours?
A: No, they are all God's. We have them on loan.
B: No, this isn't all. I have 12 more at home.

Was this planned?
A: Was what planned?
B: By whom?
C: Are you asking if we use birth control?

Wow, you're a better woman than me! I can't handle my one!
Yep. Apparently I am.

Wow. I feel sorry for you.
Really? Why? I love my children dearly and they are happy, smart, well-adjusted people. What is to feel sorry for?


Patriarch Verlch said...

Congrats! You just keep having those socially unacceptable babies! :)

Louisa said...

Here,here! I'm two babies into my family building,I hope to wind up with at least 4. I see It as my responsibility to have a big family... We smart people must try to balance the inordinate numbers of idiots having masses of babies. :)
Bravo you. I look forward to becoming a grand multip!

K. said...

Congrats! If you're good at being a mom, why stop at a "socially acceptable" number?!