Friday, September 26, 2008

Another First

I've never had back to back births before!

I had two women due on the 27th (they live in subdivisions across the street from each other) and Faerylady had a mom due on the 29th, in the same general area.

Yesterday I got a call at 2 PM from one of my ladies, saying she thought she was in early labor. I suggested she take a bath, as that will sometimes make it apparent -- either stopping or slowing the ctx or speeding them up. I told her to call me back by 5 pm as I had two prenatals scheduled, with one just about to arrive. I reminded her she didn't HAVE TO wait until 5.

At 2:23 the phone rang again and she said, "Now I'm sure." She said the contractions had gone to 3 minutes apart. I told her I would quickly finish the prenatal I was doing and be on my way, that it would be about an hour (she still sounded "normal" and perky) but again, she could call me sooner if needed.

I finished the prenatals and got going. When I arrived at her house, she was just talking and walking around through the contractions and I thought I was probably there too soon. An exam though, revealed a cervix so thin that I knew she was going to go lickety split.

Her mom took her toddler out of the house, my assistant arrived, and she quickly got active.

Faerylady finally walked in the door at 6:04 PM, baby born at 6:09 PM.

An hour later, Faerylady's phone rang. It was her mama, in labor. She told the mom to call her back in an hour. A little over an hour later, she talked to them. The contractions were picking up a little. About 15 minutes later, they called and said, "you better come." So, I stayed with my lady to finish her postpartum stuff, and Faerylady left to go to her lady. I was JUST getting ready to leave the first birth at 9:30 when FL called and said, "She had a boy!" I went over there to help her clean up and to let her use my instruments and scale (she didn't bring hers!)

I was home by 11:30 PM.

Not bad!

And another one down.... two to go.

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