Monday, March 24, 2008

Unhappy BirthDay

This article bears reading. *WARNING* it's not pleasant.


Amanda said...

wow. I can't even imagine. I had an amazing midwife, and 3 wonderful hospital births attended by her. I also had 1 emergency section due to a prolapsed cord (not something my midwife could have prevented), and am thankful that even though I was under general anesthetic, my son was alive. Behavior such as this should be criminal, at the least malpractice.

mamasmotives said...

I am horrified at this story, but am glad you posted it. I found the birth trauma board through it. It helps to talk to other moms who have been through similar things.

Lowa said...

I can't imagine either. All of the docs who delivered my babies were so sweet and kind and let me be in any position I wanted, told me exactly what they were going to do before they did it, and repsected my choices if I disagreed with anything.

I am so glad that you posted this, I have forwarded that article to many of my friends.

I hope something can be done about this. This is rape, plain and simple. I guess I have just been blessed.

Aubrey Kinnaman said...

I was horrified by this story. I had a wonderful hospital birth with an incredibly supportive midwife and doula. It is stories like this that push me towards becoming a doula to be able to assist in providing women with a birth experience like I had.