Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tech Talk

So, I am a total technophile. I really do love gadgets and electronics. Faerylady, on the other hand, is a technophobe. She carries a Franklin planner, is confused and easily frustrated by computer software, and has the cheapest basic cellphone you can get. I've got a Motorola Krazr, an iPod, a laptop, a Palm lifedrive, and a GPS unit. You get the idea. She's always ribbing me about the failings of my gadgets and I'm always ribbing her about her inability to get with the 21st century.

While I was at her house on Wednesday, recertifying my AHA CPR class, I noticed that two of the other midwives had iPhones. I about had a techgasm playing with them. I said, "oh my gosh! What I want for Christmas is an iPhone and an Xbox 360!!!" Faerylady answered, "Oh yeah? Well, I asked for play doh and an etch-a-sketch."


harmony said...

That's pretty funny. Did you run out and buy her Christmas presents?

Tiffany said...

HA! That is hysterical!!!!! Techgasm???!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAH!!!!

Lowa said...

I'm with Faerylady!

I asked for an iPod shuffle a few years ago and used it twice. Gave it to my son. Couldn't be bothered. I am doing well to read/write e-mail and blog here and there.

Enjoyed the slide show of baby girl being born, btw. VERY nice!

Ali said...

My hubby works at Apple and has an iPhone. Both of my kids - ages 1.5 and 3.5 - can use it already!! It amazes me what they can pick up!

Jenny said...

Techgasm? Seriously, Hotmama?!?!?! You ARE, in fact, HOPELESS! LOL :-)

(((hugs))) I still love you :-P