Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Business of Being Born

We had our screening today. Overall, a HUGE success. I even got on the news! We had about 45 people in attendance, among them two med students, a nurse, an anesthesiologist and an OB. After the film itself, we had a panel discussion, and I was the midwife on the panel. We had several good questions and discussion points. The OB stood up and seemed a bit defensive, saying things like that we should not count ALL cesareans in the c-section rate, only primary sections (that makes sense how?) and that obstetrics is the way it is because women demand it. That women don't know and don't want to know about natural birth. I talked about the differences between the midwifery model of care and the medical model of care, and how women are not being well served by the medical model.

As for the movie. The first time I saw it, I was disappointed. I didn't like it. I felt it was somewhat disjointed and ended on the downer note of a c-section. Watching it today I liked it better. I have the same criticisms of many midwives -- one of the midwives doesn't wear gloves, they appear to be attempting to have a 35 week small for gestational age baby at home, etc. But I felt it was a good look at what is wrong with obstetrics today and a good demonstration of the different models of care.


mamasmotives said...

It was a very neat experience to be there. I really enjoyed the movie and was too sad with the end of a c/s. But it was still a good documentary that I have been excited about for a long time.

It was also nice to meet you!

Tiffany said...

I think that the point of the C section was to show that even in a planned homebirth there is always that "chance" of needing intervention...and they did it such a way that there was no emergency, the baby was fine, the mom was fine...and having that great doctor back-up is what helps make homebirth such a safe option.
I did not get the impression that they were trying to have the baby at home even though it was to early for a homebirth...I took it as the mom wanting confirmation that she was in fact in labor and did in fact need to go to the hospital. The midwife did not seem to want to birth at home, she was there to support mom and help her mentally adjust to the new plan.
Just me... :)

I am a Monkey's Momma said...

If you're interested I have an email from the producers, from Cara the midwife on why she's not wearing gloves in many of the births....

Our showing was last Thursday at a local university. It was great to see the eyes of so many 20 something women opened in such a way that they might never have been otherwise.

I'm glad to hear that your showing was also a success!

Housefairy said...

I had the same reactions to the film, there is a good deal of discussion on Rixa's blog and mine


Funky ending, good movie, grows on you after more than one viewing...