Thursday, September 20, 2007


... on "I don't like this part". I did, on the advice of several midwives, FaeryLady, the President of our State Midwives Assoc and Preacherman, decide to risk out this couple. It was based on the father's reaction and refusal when I told them I needed them to get an ultrasound to rule out twins as FaeryLady and I both heard heartones in two distinct locations with the fetoscope and felt a weird lumpy belly with nothing in the pelvis.

After I had talked with the mom, refunded part of their fee and picked up the birth pool, the mom called and said that the dad felt he hadn't had a chance to have his say in this process. They came over and initially, he was still irritated. As we talked more, I reviewed everything with them that made me uncomfortable (several things with health history, etc). As we went over all these issues, it started to dawn on me that we had had huge miscommunication issues and misunderstandings. Before they left that evening, I palpated again and felt a nice LOA baby with a head in the pelvis.

I said I would sleep over it. I talked more with FaeryLady, PreacherMan and the Pres of our Assoc. I have decided to go ahead with their birth. I saw her for another prenatal a few days later and did an internal to make sure there was a presenting part in the pelvis and ran right into a hard little head. Okay, so we're a go. I am still hearing LOUD heartones in the lower right and upper left quadrants of the uterus. The baby feels good sized, she has plenty of water and it doesn't feel like there's room in there for a whole other baby. So, I don't know what those heartones are on about, but I really don't think it is twins. She has been measuring right on or maybe 1 cm over.

She was due on Tuesday, so any day now.

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