Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Diapers Diapers Diapers

Spent the day at SuperDoulas house yesterday and had an absolute BLAST picking out fabrics and styles for diapers. She is a beautiful seamstress (both her person and her work) and she's gonna trade me diapers for crocheted lovelies for her twin daughters. I ordered some custom dyed wool for her this AM and I'm excited to get started on them. Those diapers are gonna be the cutest, most fun dipes evah. More fun even than my beautiful stash I already have!

Last night, on one of my favorite diapering sites, there was a mama offering some hand dyed yarn that was sooooo beautiful! I immediately started asking her what I could give her in exchange for that yarn (too expensive to buy with $$). So I think that officially makes me a yarn whore. Oh no! A new addiction!

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kris said...

well, i'll admit to not using cloth diapers, but i did use cloth wetwipes(!) they were the best, especially when they were new babies, it felt good knowing that what i was putting on their skin was so gentle and soft...