Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So, now PreacherMan is officially an MDiv diploma holder! Wow! And our little CottonBall was baptized on Sunday as well.

It will be really strange to have a hubby who can actually be with us on Saturdays instead of spending every Saturday studying.

I've discovered a new organizational program I'm going to try. It is Motivated Moms. They have a weekly chore calendar/planner that helps you get it all done -- daily chores as well as the spring cleaning type stuff. And it's only $8!!! Since we had a party on Saturday for CottonBall and PreacherMan, the whole house was cleaned top to bottom. My mother in law even washed all my windows! Now to stay on top of it all. So, I am gonna try the Motivated Moms and see if that works better than FLYlady, which sent so many emails that I was drowning under the email clutter.


Jen aka Evilynmo said...

Yayu!! Congrats! I'm sorry I couldn't make it. My bro's wedding was great! You can see pics at my blog.

I hated FlyLady too! Way too many emails and the stuff to do each day just wasn't what I wanted. Good look with the new program =)

heather said...

Congrats to PreacherMan!!!