Sunday, March 11, 2007


Still waiting. I had contractions that Tuesday night, Wednesday night and Thursday night (for about an hour). Thursday, they were starting to pinch in my cervix and I thought.... hmmm... Then FaeryLady finally called to say she was back and check on me and they quit immediately. Not sure what that means.

Nothing since. Not even Braxton Hicks, which is extremely frustrating.

It is SO HARD not to compare to my other births and pregnancies. This pregnancy has been completely different, so it's possible the birth will be too. But I'm also a mother of six, and women do tend to get into patterns with birthing. So my mind made all these little "rules" for when and how the birth will go. I am trying to release these and let whatever happens, happen, but it's not as easy as it sounds!

Here are some of the rules:

1. I labor on Saturday or Sunday night.
2. Labor begins at suppertime
3. The baby drops three days before the birth
4. If I wake up still pregnant on Monday morning, it'll be another week
5. My 40 week babies are "overcooked"
6. I never go past my due date (first baby was 3 days past -- not again since)

If I was losing mucus or having contractions or SOMETHING! My cervix does feel like it's moved a little forward, but I don't think the internal os is even open. The baby's head feels a bit further down.

How come I am questioning if my body works? It always did before. I'm just tired of waiting. And I'm sorry, but this "waiting to find out the sex" business is for the birds!

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