Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Give Up

I give up! That's it. She won't come out until April. I'm sure of it.

Am I being a drama queen? You bet I am. I'm not walking today either. Not gonna do it. And I"m not gonna have sex. And I'm not gonna do anything else. I'm just gonna sit in my room, do a couple prenatals today, play some computer games, eat chocolate, and be a BIG HUGE BABY about it all!

My cervix feels huge and thick and closed. It's soft, sure, but not open and probably only 40% or less effaced. Head is up sky high and bouncing again.

If one more person tells me "Today could be the day" or "It's going to be soon" I think I'll scream and run away pulling all my hair out.

I'm out of henna. I'm out of my pregnancy tea (more on the way. sigh.) And I'm out of patience. Good Lord, I'm not even to my due date yet. What the heck is WRONG WITH ME!?!?!?!? What's wrong with me is that I got it into my head that she would come around March 3rd (one of the rules I forgot to mention -- "The baby comes in the first or last three days of the month)

Had a few contractions yesterday that I thought, "Well, now, if those would come every three minutes, I'd have a baby!" But instead I had three. Yes, three contractions. Total.

The good news is that at my backup doc's appt my BP was 120/80 so no one is worried about BP anymore.

It's now been 3 weeks since I've had a midwifery prenatal. FaeryLady says she'll see me at the birth. I want someone to palpate the baby and give me a weight estimate. I want someone to feel for a flexed head and give me reassurance and tell me how to be patient. I want someone to just be my midwife.


Michelle said...

Enjoy your chocolate and computer games. Perhaps and manicure and/or pedicure. This worked for a client of yours. Baby Eve was born less than 12 hours after her Mommy had her manicure and pedicure. This also ensured Mommy looked great for the birth photo's. (You will look great too! Love the henna!)
Take care, Eve's Grammy

Evilynmo said...

You're right no baby til April. (Is that what you want to hear? I want to be supportive) =)

Louisa said...

I'm frustrated with your midwife/preceptor on your behalf.
I shall think laboring thoughts for you, Mama.
Your henna is beautiful!

Midwifery is catching said...

My birthday is 16/03 so babies most definitely don't come in the first or last days of the month ;). Thinking good thoughts from this side of the ocean!

Your henna is beautiful.

One Hot Mama said...

My birthday is 16/03 so babies most definitely don't come in the first or last days of the month ;).

No, it's MY babies that come in the first or last days of the month!

I have a July 1, Feb 28, June 3, Feb 23, July 3, Nov 3.