Sunday, March 18, 2007

Frustrating and Weird

Okay, so all day yesterday, the ctx were about 30 minutes apart and short -- about 20-30 seconds. Had bloody show until about 2 PM.

Last night PreacherMan and I went to the mall, rented two movies, and stopped for some wine. Had a glass of wine and a bath and everything seemed to kinda putter out. I could finally reach the anterior lip of my cervix which felt even thicker than the last time I felt it!?!?

I felt contractions through the night. They are wicked intense when I'm laying down. I don't know for sure how far apart they were during the night. By 4:30 AM (again) they were intense enough that I was getting a bit loud, but still 20 minutes apart. PreacherMan woke up at this point and was timing them for me for a while. I started jumping out of bed with each one to stand and hold my belly. I was afraid to doze off between because I would start to dream and wake at the peak of a contraction and be unable to move or handle it very well.

All day today, same song, second verse. 20 minutes apart, intense, lasting a solid minute, sometimes more. Baby is direct OP at this moment. My blood pressure is fine, baby sounds good. I'm eating and drinking and took a 1.5 hour nap earlier (still ctx through the nap).

Now my cervix feels like it's about 3 cm on the external os, I still can't feel all the way through. It was off to my right and the opening felt weird, like an oblong, not a circle.

We took Frankendog for a walk. We watched The Devil Wears Prada this AM (Great movie!) and I'm making snickerdoodle cookies with Atticus. The quality of the contrax seems to have changed a bit, instead of pulling, I'm feeling pressure, but they seem to have spaced out even further.

Very weird.

So, I made the mistake of calling people yesterday (never had bloody show and NOT had the baby a few hours later!) so people are calling all the time to check on me.

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Louisa said...

Lunges? Stair climbing? Perhaps a little valerian tea so you can rest some?
Keep your strength up mama. This week has been a good one for OP babies...
lemme tell you :)
You are in my thoughts!!