Monday, January 08, 2007

Them's The Breaks

10 days ago Tinkerbell was jumping on the neighbor's trampoline that they got for Christmas. The dad drove her home after she fell and was complaining that her ankle hurt. By an hour later, it had swelled to the size of half a medium apple.

PreacherMan took her to the pediatrician the next morning, as I had Atticus at the orthodontist to get his braces on. He sent her to the sports medicine specialist who discovered that her right tibia was fractured through the growth plate. There was no displacement of the bone, so she has a cast for two weeks.

Then on Saturday, Tyra was climbing a tree in the front yard. Violet asked her how long she could hang from her two hands. She started to slip and tried to get a handhold on a broken branch. The stub broke off and she fell, hitting every branch on the way down. She came in crying that her wrist hurt. It did not swell. She had good range of motion, so we just iced it and she went with a friend to hear a guitar concert.

By this morning, she was really complaining about her wrist, so I took her to the sports medicine doc. She has a buckle fracture of her right radius, near the wrist. All the way through the bone.

So I have two in casts. What fun!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what are the odds of that happening? I hope they both feel better soon! I'll send healing therapeutic touch thoughts your way!