Thursday, October 12, 2006

Doggie Diary

Well, Frodo's ears got so bad we took him to the vet. $212 later, he had been under anesthesia to have them cleaned and cytology done. He also has a fungal infection between his toes and the vet thinks strongly that this is all related to food allergies. So we've switched him to an all natural venison and brown rice diet. Hope this works!!

My folks have been visiting since Sunday with their two standard poodles (girls) and their shoodle (boy, shitzu and toy poodle mix) all neutered. The funny thing is that Fred, the little shoodle, rules the roost. Frodo thinks the girl dogs smell mighty fine, but I think he might be bi-curious because and and Fred can't stop humping each other.*

The dogs all pass out completely at night, they are so tired from running around after each other all day. Frodo has enjoyed the playmates.

*yes, I know it's a dominance thing....

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