Saturday, September 30, 2006

Special Buddy

Each of my kids seems to have a "special buddy" that is one of their younger siblings. When I was pregnant with Blondie, my 2nd son decided he was going to be her special buddy. He just dotes on Blondie, and looks at her with pure adoration. He's 13. She'll be 4 in November. I'll call him Atticus because he is the "attorney" of the family, always trying to fight for "fairness", Truth, Justice and the American Way. (Of course, a 13 year old's idea of justice, well, let's say it doesn't always agree with Mom & Dad's). Anyway, here's a pic of Atticus and Blondie on the beach last August. (I have a point and I'll get to it in a second).

So, my 2nd daughter, who is 8, I think will be this new baby's special buddy. I'll call her Violet because she is a shrinking Violet, and because she's a lot like Violet Baudelaire from the Lemony Snicket books. She is very quiet, very introverted. She is constantly creating things and inventing things. She often disappears almost into thin air and we find her quietly playing in a corner of her room. Anyway, and here's the point: Violet laid her head on my belly the other day to read the baby a story. And she felt a little kick over by her ear! She ran to tell the other children who all came running to feel the baby. Each one tried laying their head on my belly and talking -- but, nada. Even hubby (who I'll call PreacherMan 'cause he will graduate seminary in May) didn't feel anything after singing a silly song with made up lyrics to the baby.

Today, Violet tried again, just talking and telling the baby her name. Again, kick, kick, kick. I think we've found this baby's special buddy. PreacherMan thinks he felt it last night, but it could also have been my overactive bowels. Haha.

This is Violet with Blondie and a froggie friend:

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