Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Keep Out of Reach of Children

My youngest (the one in the Wean Me Gently post) is commonly called "Blondie" here in our house because she is the only blonde kid we have. Two of the others started off blonde, but turned light brown by the time they were three. Blondie has stayed blonde so far and she's almost four. Anyway, I was cleaning pictures off the camera and found this one. It makes me laugh every single time. See, Blondie loves Mommy's makeup, but Blondie is not yet schooled in distinguishing eye makeup from lip colors.

She used my 12-hour lipstick -- the kind you need eye makeup remover to get off -- on her eyes and lips. I was currently out of eye makeup remover that day so I had to go and buy some the next day. Even after I removed as much as I could, I could still see tiny bits of it in her eyelashes for about three weeks.

This child has more personality and spunkiness in her little finger than most people have in their whole bodies.

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