Monday, September 25, 2006

2nd Trimester

Now I am a little more than a week into my second trimester.

15 weeksand 2 days. When I hit 14 weeks, it was like a fog lifted. The coughing is much, much better, although I still cough and gag occasionally. My rib is better, but still very painful. I have discovered that my vulvar varicosity is going to extend up next to my hip bone, past my c-section scar and onto my lower belly this time. Yeesh. It hurts.

I feel like I'm not growing. My waist measurement this AM was actually 2 full inches smaller than the 13 week picture. I said I was bloated that day! I don't remember being this "small" at 15 weeks with the last several babies. Maybe it's because I started in pretty good shape and have continued walking at least 2 miles a day.

Now that I'm not nauseated anymore, I can take my prenatal vitamins. I like to call them "Rocket Fuel". I spent several days last week organizing every cupboard and drawer in my kitchen. I bought a label maker and labeled like a mad woman. My husband said, "You've got lots of time to nest" I responded that if I get all the organizing done now, I'll have time for meaningful things later. Like washing lightbulbs.

Got another call for a lady due in April. April is usually a pretty heavy month for babies. And I have to give them all up! Wah!

I ordered the Hypnobabies home study course to try and add to my repertoire of tools for labor. I think it will combine the best of Bradley with the best of Hypnobirthing. And provide something for hubby and I to do together to prepare for this baby. I am hoping for two main goals: 1. To keep my blood pressure normal in labor and 2. to not scream when the baby's head comes out. I am hopeful that these are attainable goals.

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