Saturday, December 06, 2008

Prayers and Positive Thoughts Please

As my lady gets closer to birth.... she's due tomorrow. Again, to refresh, if Faerylady makes it, and this lady doesn't transport, this will be the last one. I will be DONE. Today happens to be my birthday, so today would be a nice day for her to have her baby, although no call yet and usually moms with toddlers don't have their babies during the day. We'll see! So, my specific request for you to pray for is that she have her baby, that a senior midwife makes it to the birth, and that she doesn't transport. She is a VBAC, but she got to 10 cm with her first and they could see head and use forceps before they called the section. She can have a baby.


Lizzie said...


Emily said...

oh, how exciting!!! I'll be praying for you! Let us know how things go. A VBAC is exciting enough, but to be your last official apprentice birth--awesome! :) Emily

Ali said...

I hope it all goes well!