Sunday, July 13, 2008


Again, so much I want to write, NEED to write. But the illusion of anonymity is too thin.

A baby was born 2.5 weeks ago and spent the first two weeks in a hospital having every test done to mankind. In the end, she was dehydrated on admission. That was it. Two traumatic spinal taps, several traumatic catheterizations, several MRIs X-Rays and ultrasounds, and 2 full weeks of IV antibiotics later, she is finally home to learn to breastfeed and bond with her mom and dad.

Another baby born after only an hour of hard labor. Tight, tight, tight nuchal cord X2, baby had to be somersaulted out and then needed a long time of positive pressure ventilation to get going. She's beautifully fine and perfect now.

Weirdness with Faerylady, with her badmouthing me to her other apprentice and vice versa. The other apprentice and I are good friends and talk regularly, so we both know what is going on.

A repeat mom risked out and had to be sent to the hospital when her water broke and she had contractions at 35 weeks. Thank goodness she had a vaginal birth -- 5 lb baby who nursed and breathed just fine immediately.

I think when I finish my apprenticeship, I'm going to start writing a book. I will certainly feel much freer to write out my thoughts about the whole process and be much more candid about my feelings about it once the threat of losing the whole apprenticeship is not hanging over my head.

Now, a primip due any day, then a good friend having her 9th baby (opposite ends of the spectrum there, eh?). Then three in September, one in October, one in December and two for February.


Nurse Lochia said...

Sorry to hear things are a bit stressful with your apprenticeship. Sounds like you''ve been busy, though. Glad to see you're still around!

Housefairy said...

..Sorry things have been weird. I would love to read your book.