Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Big Day

Today is surgery day for my mom and brother. I have started a CarePage for their progress. It can be viewed by visiting CarePages and registering for an account (free). Once you are registered, log in and click "Visit" and her page name is sharonvanderwall Once you have visited the page, emails will be sent automatically as updates are posted.


Kristina said...

I hope all went well!!

Kristina said...

I hope all went well!

kris said...

Oh wow. Best of luck and health to them both.

I was surfing on in on account you have a Home Birth Talk link. Next time you have a minute, if you can update the link to it would be great. That redirect is soon to expire.

Best to all of you,

Kris Bagiu, CPM, LM

mm said...

Just read all the updates on the carepages... I feel for your isolation being so far away... I'm so sorry!
I wish everyone gentle and full healing.

tie-dyed doula said...

Hows mom and brother?
Praying for you all-just visiting your blog
Shine ON!