Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Want $25?

There is new competition to Paypal. It's called Revolution Money Exchange. For the rest of this month (I think) if you sign up, they will deposit $25 in your acct. No strings attached. Yes, you need to put in your social number, but you have to do that for any online banking that you do anywhere. This promotion is similar to what ING direct ran when they started up as an online bank. I do get $10 for each referral that signs up from my link. If you don't want me to have the $10, you can go sign up on your own and still get $25. If you just want to take the money and run, you can ask for a check ($2.50 processing fee) or have it withdrawn into your bank account. Not a bad deal, I don't think! You have the ability to opt out of their privacy policy, like all online sites.

If you want to sign up under my link, please send a comment with your email address (I will NOT post it publicly here, don't worry) or email me at onehtmama@gmail.com and I'll send the link.

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