Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Free Money!

No lie. I have recently discovered these "pay to read" programs. They send you occasional emails, and pay you a few cents to click them. They also pay you several dollars to complete trial offers and sign up for programs like survey companies. You create a new junk email account specifically for the volume of spam you will start to receive (I love gmail for this). And then it's just a couple hours a week filling out "surveys" (actually clicking "no, no no" to all the trials) and you get paid. I am up to $65 in just two days using these two programs. I am not kidding y'all. This is gonna be major funding for my new yarn addiction, which could become quite a problem. Also, midwives don't exactly rake in the dough, ya know. And this will help make it easier for us to have some nice extra things that otherwise we couldn't afford. There is no charge for signing up for these at all. It will not cost you anything.

If you are interested, here are the two I'm having the best succcess with:

Treasure Trooper: My current balance is $33.00. When you get to $20, they automatically send payout the next month. Many people in their forums say their first check was over $55. You get $5 automatically for signing up.

Inbox Dollars: my current balance is at $32.66. This is no lie over the last two days. You get $5 automatically for signing up.

Also there is hits4pay. This one is a lot slower. They send a few emails per day. You click on the advertiser link and leave the window open for about 30 seconds while they "credit your account". You get $.02 per email for this. The more you read, the more they send you. For a while I didn't do them and I wasn't getting any but maybe once a week. As soon as I started clicking them right away, they showed up again. Now I get maybe 4 a day. You get a $10 signup bonus. this account is up to $13.19.

Altogether, this is a nice chunk of change for doing a few clicks and putting up with some spam.

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The Eckerts said...

Thanks for the info. I will be sure and check them out!