Thursday, October 04, 2007

Feast or Famine

It's weird that I have this long hiatus from birth now. I have no other moms due until a VBAC that I'm helping FaeryLady with in November. Then there is no one until a friend of mine having a hospital birth, due Valentine's Day, next year. Then I have two March moms, one of them my first repeat client.

I guess it's time to work on school a bit more. I've been slacking off on that since Posie was born.

I am wondering if this break is for a large reason. My mom has been put on the liver transplant list. If she gets a liver, you can bet that I'm going to want to go up and see her and spend a good deal of time with her. If I have clients, that will create an issue for me. My dad is almost done with his chemo. It's been really rough for him, and for me to hear about being almost 1000 miles away and unable to help in any meaningful way.

I'm starting to feel anxious to get going on my NARM application. I have 11 more births before I can take the exam. Almost everything else is signed off. Just the births, a second signature on a postpartum and a newborn, and a couple of initial history and physicals. That's it. I had been hoping to take the NARM in a year from now, but there is no way that will happen now. Just too low volume here.

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phillipsmob said...

You are such a wonderful midwife! I love reading your blog. I pray your mom is able to receive a liver soon and that your father heals well. My aspiration is to become a midwife!

I wish I knew you needed births I totally would have stayed home so you could attend our birth. We went to trinity and unfortunately had a very negative experience.