Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Business of Being Born

I just found out that our local ICAN Chapter is going to be showing an advance screening of this important film documentary produced by Ricki Lake. Just watching the trailer gives me severe goosebumps, I can't wait to see the entire film. I am really really excited about this. This story needs to be told and I am proud to be in the position to encourage sooooo many women to view this film and to hopefully cause a good deal of change in my area and an awakening for women all over.

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Lowa said...

Thanks for this. I just sent the link to the previous president of our Home School Association. She is due with her fifth in December and has been induced with all her previous ones, just like me. Neither of us know anything about giving birth on our own, not hooked up to monitors or IVs and Pit. She even does Epidurals and uses Dr's. I don't go that far! I do it with midwives and no drugs, just the stupid pit, which I never seen to have a choice:( Even when my water breaks, and I contract for over 24 hours, my kids love to stay in there!

Anyway, I sent this to her. Hoping to just open her mind a little and maybe she will make some different choices with this one. Or maybe not, but it won't hurt for her to see this.

Thanks again!