Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Baby Boy

Baby boy was born Saturday night. Birth went well and I didn't forget anything important. It was difficult taking Posie, especially since my 12 year old daughter is really not mature enough to do the babysitting. SuperDoula came with me also and nursed my baby while I was waiting on the placenta, so it was nice to have someone else there to take care of her. I think for my August birth, I will bring Posie to SuperDoula's house for the birth.

Both of those consultations hired me, so I have an August mom, a September mom and two in March right now.


connie said...

am i correct in assuming that by nursed you mean wet nursed? i didnt think that that was going on anymore, but i am overjoyed to hear it.. could you elaborate a bit more on it?

kris said...

hey congrats, looks like you're going to be busy....i had my 2cd birth as a doula on monday night, it was great:)