Monday, July 09, 2007

Back in the Saddle

It's that time. Time to get back into the birth stuff. My monitrice client decided at her home visit that she really wanted a homebirth. Talked to Faerylady yesterday, and we're gonna do it. SuperDoula is coming with me as well as my 12 year old daughter to help with Posie (cottonball doesn't fit my chubbalicious baby anymore! we call her Posie, so Posie she is) She's due in the next couple weeks. Then I have a mom due the end of August, a mom who is ready to get started who is due in September, a consultation for a couple due in Feb and my first repeat client is due on Posie's birthday!

Looks like the birth engine is revving back up. And I'm excited.

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kris said...

yey for you! lot's of excitement coming up for you. still waiting on my girl, (anyday now) she will be my 2cd, but then i can get certified when my bookwork is done.