Saturday, June 02, 2007

Knitting 101

This is the first thing I've ever knit. I'm actually quite proud of the way it turned out. The yarn is purewool merino (very soft). I'm not sure of the colorway. It was knit using the Little Turtle Knits Picky Pants pattern in a size small. I was not quite able to achieve gauge. Size 8s (pattern suggestion) were way too small, 9s were one stitch too small and 10s were huge. So it was knit on size 9 17" Denise interchangeable needles. The legs were knit on size 8 addi turbos. I think the next pair I will knit a medium on my 16" size 8 addis.

The crotch gusset doesn't look too bad, although there are holes on the sides. The short rows, the same, look pretty good... one side is invisible, the other side got wrapped wrong somehow.

Now on to the pics:

The Shorties:

The short rows over a diaper

Holes near crotch gusset:

Action shots:


Jen aka Evilynmo said...

That is the cutest shorties model ever!! =)

Amknitty International said...

Congratulations on your 1st project, may it be the first of many! I think it's brave to do this instead of the traditional scarf first but you certainly 'pulled it off'
Also, I love the action shots - such a cute baby!
A* from Amknitty International

heather said...

Absolutely adorable!!!! When will you teach me?

Shells said...

Nice job!!! I hope you get as addicted as I did. Knitting for your kids is a wonderful way to show your love (in my opinion) and there is no better feeling than when one of them decides they might want to learn too!

Emily said...

very very cute! Love the colors! I thought you made that skirt soaker?? THAT was the cutest thing I'd seen, since I hadn't seen one before! It's a good thing that I don't like wool or I'd be poor.... :) Well, I kinda like it, but mostly b/c it's so squishy and snuggly!