Thursday, January 04, 2007

Year in Review

I keep a detailed log of all the births I attend. It is an Excel spreadsheet. I track several things about each birth so I can make detailed stats.

This past year I attended 19 births. The most for a year so far!

13 were home births. 1 was a transport of a baby (the blue baby)
2 were planned homebirths that transported during labor for c-section (one was an abused mom that refused to push and demanded a c-section)
1 was a planned homebirth that I had to risk out before labor for high blood pressure.
3 were planned hospital births (doula or monitrice clients)

Of these 19, 1 had an epidural for pain. There were the two c-sections. 4 were successful VBACs. Average gestational age was 39.97 weeks. Average weight was 8.28 pounds. 4 moms had tears requiring sutures (2 were hospital births). 8 of the babies were caught by me. 2 moms had their babies on their due date. One gave birth at 34 weeks (hospital birth). One went to 43. 8 were waterbirths.

Two more births to go before my baby comes. Then I have a consult for a lady in July.

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