Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I Dream of Baby

I finally had a birth dream last night.

One of my sorrows with having babies is that they grow up so fast. I've seen several of my moms for their six week appointments recently and realize how their babies aren't newborns anymore. The time that they are little tiny babies is so short, such a blink, I've been reluctant to even give birth because that means my baby will be no longer a baby by the time I realize she's actually been born.

So in my dream, I had the perfect birth. Fast, easy, painless. As I was pushing the head out, I started to feel burning and used my hypnosis to change the feeling into just pressure. I was kneeling and caught the baby by myself. Perfect. It was a girl, little girl. I wrapped her in a warm towel and put a hat on her head. As I looked at her, she smiled and cooed at me. Hmm. That's weird for a newborn! I told the people present that I wanted to lay down with the baby "so I wouldn't bleed".

I lay down on a sleeping bag and laid the baby next to me, on her tummy. She promptly lifted her head and chest off the floor and crawled away from me! I quickly brought her back, but she squirmed away from me when I tried to cuddle her.

When I was doing her newborn exam, I went to test her reflexes, I put my fingers in her palms to check the Palmar grasp reflex and she grabbed my fingers and pulled herself to standing.

I started crying and telling everyone how disappointed I was that she wasn't a newborn. I asked PreacherMan how soon we could get pregnant and try again for a newborn next time.

Isn't that an odd dream? I hope she comes out as a newborn....

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