Wednesday, December 06, 2006

37 Years Ago

My mom had me pulled out of her with mid-forceps. It was the way birth was at the time. She labored with no medication, then had a spinal for the "delivery". Makes sense, huh?

I was nursed for six weeks, better than many babies of that time period.

My dad was the first father in the delivery room at the hospital where I was born, because he was a surgical resident.

This morning I was just starting to stir when I heard some commotion in the hallway and some weird noises. Then PreacherMan and all the kiddos came in carrying a breakfast tray with scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, apple danish bread, OJ and coffee. The apple danish bread had candles in it. They all sang "Happy Birthday" to me and then piled on our king sized bed for turns snuggling while I ate. It was fantastic!

I am going to try and go to the new preceptor today. I had a chance to go to a fancy French restaurant paid for by PreacherMan's suppliers from work (he is still working as an engineer until he graduates and gets a church), but the kids have AWANA tonight and it is the AWANA Christmas store where they can use the "dollars" they've earned saying Bible verses to buy Christmas presents for each other. This is an important night for them, and we can't get them a ride home any other way.

So, while they are all at AWANA, I'm going to go buy the new My Chemical Romance and Daughtry cds and go to a coffee shop with PreacherMan and try to decide what else to buy with my birthday money.

I told the ManCub (my 15 year old boy) that all I wanted from him was a spontaneous hug and for him to say "I love you, mom" without being asked or without me saying it first. We'll see how long it takes him to work up to it.

I do miss getting surprise presents. All our relatives just send checks now.


Sage Femme said...

We are the same age...I turn 37 in 13 days!

My birth story sounds similar...

Sarahthedoula said...

happy Birthday!

Louisa said...

Happy Birthday OHM.
You're awesome.

Lowa said...

I was 37 in October!!

You are right, nursing for six weeks back then is pretty impressive. I wasn't nursed at all, my mother didn't even try it:(

Sounds like a wonderful start to your morning, breakfast in bed that way. Sounds DELISH!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you get that hug and that your teen says he loves you. Sounds like my 11 year old. My 14 year old hugs me many times a day and says, "I love you" to me at least three or four times a day. Sure depends on the kid!

Labor Nurse said...

Happy birthday! My mothers birth of me was just like your mothers of you. When I found out, I felt dare they! My mom labored with no drugs, then was wheeled off (alone) to a delivery room, told to push, then when I was low enough to stop pushing, rolled over for the saddle block because she chose not to attend natural childbirth classes and was told she was not capable of natural birth unless she took the class, then had me pulled out of her by forceps.