Monday, November 20, 2006


Well, had the ultrasound this AM. PreacherMan and the kids were stranded about 4 hours away because a tire blew on our 15 passenger van and took out the van's cooling system with it. So, he had to stay overnight and have the van towed to a dealer this AM to have the cooling system fixed, then had to buy some new tires. So he missed the ultrasound.

The baby's heart looked fine. No arythmias were seen and the structure and function of the heart looked normal. Baby was breech with feet, elbows and hands up by the face.

I did try and look at the sex. I figured since I do care a great deal what sex the baby is (want a boy really bad) that it is better to get any disappointment over right now. We couldn't see labia, but we didn't see a penis either. The tech agreed that it is most likely a girl.

So tonight, I should be feeling elated over my healthy baby, and instead I'm feeling bummed because it's not the sex I wanted. How ungrateful is that? And then I feel even worse for being such an ungrateful snot.

I'll post pics when I get them scanned in.


KnitBotanica said...

You might get some grief for saying so but - what's not to be disappointed about? I don't see why there's so much grief given to people who say "I'm glad to have a healthy babe but I was hoping for a boy/girl" and it's a pretty big thing to be disappointed about! There's no need to be gracious about this - save that for Christmas when you get gifts you don't like ;)

Louisa said...

No grief here. I'm so glad your babies ticker is beautiful and perfect. I'm dissapointed with you that you didn't get your boy. I got a second boy when I dearly wanted a girl. I love my 2nd boy more than life itself, but I did have a couple of weeks with that "sigh" feeling, then I got over it, named him and all was rosy again.
But I swear I'll keep having babies till I get at least one girl! :)

Sarahthedoula said...

I was at a birth this winter where the family were REALLY hoping for a boy. The birth occurred over shift change on a slow day at the hospital so our room was packed. When the baby came out there was a chorus of "Is it a boy? Is it a boy? Is it a boy?" which became "It's a boy. It's a boy. It's a boy" in all the confusion. Then when Mom & Dad finally got a hold of the baby - it was a little girl! There was definately a moment of disappointment in the room. But they love that little girl to death. :)

Lowa said...

Don't beat yourself up. When I found out my third son was yet another boy, I cried for three days. I felt such horrible guilt about it, too. My oldest son sobbed with me, he had wanted a sister desperately. My four year old son sobbed because he saw his older brother and I sobbing. I dunno WHAT I would do without my "Clown" now.

God had told me I was going to have a daughter. I knew without a doubt. So I was confused when the third was a boy. Never dawned on me that we would have more kids!??! LOL DUH!

We got our little girl and I would love to have more kids but hubby says no:( *sniff* Four is enough. Now with three of them in public school this one year (ICK! WHAT a time that is, just like I knew, but hubby wanted them to try it) I just feel like more need to be here with me. It doesn't feel right for them not to be home with me, so I want a baby even worse. Which would not help anything of course.

I am rambling, as usual. Glad the baby is doing well!