Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tender Touch?

There is a local hospital here that is advertising a new service on one of those ticker type electronic signs. It says "Newborn Care....Registered Nurses.... Let Mom Rest.... A Great Gift!.... Phone number"

Yeah, right, what a great gift. So now, new moms can have someone take their new baby to the nursery in the hospital and do "newborn care" and then when mom gets home, she can just sleep, eat, have her hair done -- heck, if her manicure from the birth has worn off, she can have a manicure. It can be just like she never even had a baby! isn't that great?

How much easier is it to be a mom when you don't actually have to be a mom? Why don't women want to take care of their own babies? Why even have a baby if you are not going to take care of it. The baby is the whole frackin' point to pregnancy and birth. If you don't want a baby, get a DOG!

No, most people take better care of their puppies than their babies. How many people do you know whose dogs sleep on their beds, even under the covers, or on the pillows, but are appalled at the idea of letting their babies and toddler in bed with them.

How many people nibble on food all day long, but refuse to let thier babies nurse when they want?

How many people want someone with them when they cry, but leave their babies alone to cry to "teach them to be independant".

I'm on a tear tonight and feeling pissy about this.


Jenn said...

So what, is the hospital selling up the services of RN's as essentially post partum doulas?

Aren't they a bit over-qualified?

But yeah...I do agree with your sentiment about people wanting to have babies, but not have that impact on their life. Whenever I've had a new baby, I've not needed someone to take care of the baby that was nestled against me--I've needed a cleaning service for my house.

I am a Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

I'm sorry--but that just pisses me off, too.