Friday, November 03, 2006

Happy Birthday, Blondie

4 years ago today (how on earth can it be four years???) you came into our lives and captured our hearts. It was a long and difficult labor with several minor complications, but it was my VBAC and I did it. You were born in the tub, Daddy caught, and I knew immediately that you had healed me from all the hurts of that unplanned c-section.

You had a velamentous cord insertion too. The angels were holding on to you every step of the way. "The LORD is my strength and protector". That is what your name means, and it has proven true.

You are such a delight, such a light, the effervescent bubbles in our lives. You are so smart, so funny. Such a witty and clever sense of humor.

I love you so much, you can't even fathom. It is the joy of you that inspires me to be a better mother, and gets you out of trouble when you probably should be in.

And today, with smiling sunshines drawn around your nipples with an ink pen by your artist sister, you beam with glee at being the "Birthday Girl".

Thank you for being you. For "pretty boobies". For fuzzy hair that never looks good except right after a shower. For a fairy dress with one striped and one polka dotted sock, black shiny shoes and a bathing suit top. For waking up with a little knee in my stomach or little stinky feet in my face. For loving Ramen noodles with something akin to passion. For not being a Hollaback girl.


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ladyelms said...

Aww, I have chills. What a sweet baby she must be.