Thursday, November 30, 2006

24 Weeks

24 weeks today. I finally caved and decided since Faerylady, the backup doc and the ultrasound all say that I'm in line with my menstrual dates, I may as well get on the bandwagon. Of course, this is five days later than MY estimated due date, so I've been 23 weeks for..... about forever.

I'm finally 24 weeks today, by ANYONE'S best guess.

I do like my belly shape this time. It looks cute!

So, look at these developmental pics. Girl, breech, legs piked at 21 weeks:

Here's a boy in the same position (about 2 months later)

Aren't the labia pretty obvious on a girl in that position??? Or is it just me. You are all gonna laugh at me when I have this baby, whatever it is.

I'm on my way this morning to drive 2 hours to a different preceptor for my second set of signatures on the Basic Prenatal Exam and the Basic Physical. This is required by NARM, since I am going to get my skills credit through a MEAC accredited school and not by taking a NARM skills exam. This preceptor I've been to one birth with. She's really neat. Her hubby is a PreacherMan too and she has 9 children. She's in a good position to give me good advice on being a midwife and a homeschooling mom and a pastor's wife all at once. That's a lot of jobs.

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Louisa said...

My, what a lovely bump!!

Whichever your baby winds up being, It will be absolutely the "right one"