Tuesday, July 18, 2006

You're due WHEN?

So, I get this phone call from a friend of mine and she has met a lady who has decided she wants a homebirth. We talk a little bit about the lady and what she's like and her decision process, and then I ask, "When is she due?" "Thursday." I cough and sputter a bit. Um, that's kinda soon, isn't it? Not much time to establish a relationship or to do client education.

I call my preceptor and tell her about the situation. We have agreed to meet the couple tomorrow for a consult, and to possibly take them on.

She's had Bradley® classes and is well prepared. Her hubby wanted a homebirth for a while, actually, but she's just now come to the realization that she will have to fight for everything she wants in the hospital instead of having a peaceful birth where she's in charge.

I met her briefly today when she stopped by to get some supplies "in case" the baby came quickly. I discouraged an unassisted birth based on her lack of preparation and base knowledge. She really was nice, her family is supportive, she lives close by to me and I have a good feeling about her.

My biggest concern is that we are going on a family vacation in 11 days and I hope she's had her baby by then! If not, then my preceptor will have to take the primary role.

We are also waiting on one of my preceptor's clients who is an HBA2C and was due on Monday. Her first two babies she actually got to 5 cm before the c-sections (both elective for non-repeating reasons). She was 38 weeks with both of them, so is more than two weeks over in her mind now. Hopefully she will have her baby shortly and we can not have the worry of dueling banjo labors going on. Both are likely to be long -- a first time mom and an HBAC.

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