Saturday, July 15, 2006

Here I go

Well, my life may be boring to some, shocking to others, and weird to most. But I'm going to write some stuff down anyway. This is hopefully going to be a blog of my life and my beginning career as a midwife. I am still in training, and probably will be for a few more years yet. But I am attending births under supervision and finishing my schooling. I hope someone finds this all interesting....

I just found out on Tuesday that I am expecting again myself. This will be my seventh baby if the pregnancy progresses well. It will add a whole 'nother dimension when I am the client instead of the midwife. It's exciting to be pregnant again. I love the whole pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding cycle!

The only problem is, I realized on Tuesday --I have to push out the baby's head. That head ain't no joke! I guess it's too late now though to think about that.

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Louisa said...

Congratulations!! I for one find your journey interesting :)
Look forward to reading your adventures!